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Android audiobook player app learning materials summary.

I’m trying to write my first Android app, a local audiobook player. I’m a big fan of audiobook, but apps out there are just missing things.

First, the main functions of the app have to work seamlessly like the best local audiobook player(Smart AudioBook Player, clap)  I’m aiming to have these two extra features for now:

  • Smart search and book list generating. My app has to pick up every book and put them in lists accordingly regardless the folder structure.
  • Some of the older but still golden audiobooks are single file. One seekbar to traverse 8 hours length isn’t cutting it.

Well, a high bar for a first app. Life is more fun when you have challenges, and you overcome them.

Everything built from the ground up. Here is the ground: a summary of learning materials I went through and my opinions of them.


MediaPlayer Class

The default media player Android platform comes with. I have seen tutorial calling it in the activity class and in the service (best for my scenario).

Media Browser Service Compat

Google is promoting this one because it supports Android Wear and Android Auto. However, it’s the one with the most boilerplate and hard to understand codes.

Here is a great talk on this topic:

One great tutorial on MediaBroswer:


Google is also suggesting to use their ExoPlayer player instead of MediaPlayer. I have looked into it. It has major improvements on streaming source from the Internet. Not beneficial for my local player. Instead, I have found a library called MediaPlayer-Extended that could provide easy useful features for my app.


Two repos on GitHub using MediaBrowserService:


A very good tutorial on connecting to Auto:

Background Audio in Android With MediaSessionCompat


Google also offer a free course on Udacity:


I had finished the core playback function in my app with MediaBrowserServiceCompact. Most helpful materials in this list are: Everything Ian post/presented on this subject, Google course on Udacity, and the second Repo.

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Android audiobook player app learning materials summary.