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First Android App, My Journey and Thoughts Sharing

Happy New Year & Merry Christmas Everyone!



My first Android app: Raise Audiobook Player is up on Play Store now (Open Beta).

I’m focusing on stability right now. After I reach a good state, then I will officially launch it. I will keep adding features after that, it’s long term mission for me.

If you look at my progression of programming, you can kind of see where I’m going. First big project of mine, Humble Bundle copy, a classic Spring MVC site. A lot of work, struggling with Hibernate, at the end it became a legacy personal project sitting there. Second project, Simple HR, I thought it’s because previous one has no real data. I found an OK size MySQL dump, built a Spring REST + MyBatis  backend. I learnt Angular2 and built my first SPA, lots of work. At the end, deal to the lack of CSS & Design skills and the desire to learn and implement. It doesn’t look pretty. I might give it a refresh and build something like a Google Play Console theme for it, then send it up to GitHub. Third project, this baby, I learnt a lot now, not only in programming, but also marketing/design/product. I know no matter what I gonna build next, it has to have a professional look, have to solve a real problem which create real value and have a game(business maybe) plan. No more Project, but Product: “Products Over Projects” on Martin Fowler’s blog.

Talking about improving CSS/Design. I used to do design like this, staring on the screen try to come up with ideas yet my brain goes completely blank, painful and time wasting. Now I immediately go to dribbble and get(steal, haha) some inspirations. For CSS and general Frontend skill, I enrolled FreeCodeCamp and setted a bar for myself, all the assignments have to look good. Very fun code camping overall and let me realized two things. First, I still lack the knowledge of JS language underneath fundamentals, which buried by the ease of uses of ES6/Typescript. I went to read the YDKJS, and I need more hands on experience on JS. Second, I found myself really like doing online code test. I found CodingBat for doing Java thanks for a blog post on Solution Street. If you’re down for more challenging algorithm stuff, I found a place that people share a lot of that: r/dailyprogrammer.

2018 will be a highly productive year for me. The change has come. Good luck and have fun to all of you out there.


  • Jon

    01/01/2018 at 10:10 PM → Reply

    I can’t remember how I stumbled across your site, I think it might have been /r/learnprogramming. I really enjoy your site and how you’ve mapped out your progress. Today I plan on hunkering down and getting started on learning programming myself. Have a great year!

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First Android App, My Journey and Thoughts Sharing